As we near the year’s end, we reflect on the extraordinary journey we’ve shared. 2023 has been an incredible year for Sojourner Center, and our hearts swell with gratitude. We owe our success to our dedicated volunteers, generous donors, indispensable partners and the survivors who inspire us every day.

Our volunteers are the heart of our organization. From numerous groups offering their time cultivating our beautiful campus and donation center to individuals assisting in the kitchen and our Child Development Center, their unwavering dedication is inspiring!

Our donors have brought about immeasurable change. Your generosity has provided emergency shelter, trauma-informed services and comprehensive resources to those who needed help. Your contributions make a real difference.

Our partners have stood by our side, and your unwavering dedication has led to incredible achievements. Our programs can credit a great deal of success to your collaboration!

Above all, we are grateful for the survivors who have trusted us with their journey. Your resilience, bravery and determination light our path. We learn from your stories, and we stand with you as you rebuild lives free from violence.

Thank you for being part of an extraordinary year. Together, we create a world where everyone lives without fear, free from violence and filled with hope.

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