Overcoming the impact of domestic violence, one life at a time.

Our Values

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Our History

Founders choose the name Sojourner Center and the house on 4th Avenue opens with 16 beds
Receive 501c3 nonprofit designation and offers a 30-day emergency stay
Shelter expands to 28 beds and Transitional Housing is built
The mission is restated from focusing on women being released from prison to specifically address those affected by domestic violence
Participants move into new shelter with 28 beds
Donation Resource Center opens
Lay Legal Advocacy Program begins
Grand opening of the new Emergency Shelter with 124 beds
Child Development center opens
Pet Companion Shelter opens
Becomes an affiliate subsidiary of Jewish Family & Children’s Service
Receives Trauma-Informed Care Certification from the International Trauma Institute
Expands services to include survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking
Expands Pet Companion Services with new pet-friendly rooms and Pet Park

Our Philosophy of Care

Using Trauma-Informed Care, the Strengths-Based Practice and the Empowerment Approach lays a strong foundation for providing services that aim to transform lives and work towards a world free of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

Our Approach

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is a participant service framework that acknowledges, understands and sensitively responds to the impacts of trauma on individuals, while providing physical and emotional safety, rebuilding confidence and promoting a sense of control. TIC aims to prevent re-traumatization and believes in the recovery and healing of individuals impacted by trauma. At Sojourner Center, we prioritize TIC at all levels of service, from daily interactions with residents to ongoing staff trainings and policy incorporation, recognizing the significant traumatic impacts of violence on those we serve.

The Strengths-Based Practice acknowledges the inherent strengths and capabilities of each individual, shifting from a deficit-focused approach to one that recognizes their potential and resilience. At Sojourner Center, we incorporate strengths-based perspective throughout our programs, working with adults and children to identify their strengths and develop individualized goal and safety plans. We recognize the resiliency of those who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking, and by adopting this perspective, we view them as survivors rather than victims, empowering them to overcome violence and thrive.

The Empowerment Approach promotes individuals to build their strength, courage and autonomy in taking control of their lives and asserting their personal rights, including dignity, decision-making and safety. It focuses on utilizing one’s strengths and resources to be agents of change for a better future. At Sojourner Center, we empower residents by providing opportunities for decision-making, goal-setting, skills-building and self-expression in a safe and supportive environment throughout their program, as they heal from trauma and prepare for their next chapter in life.

Sojourner Center