Maria* came to Sojourner Center as a safety transfer from another shelter. A safety transfer occurs when the safety of a survivor has been compromised; necessitating their relocation to a new, secure location. Navigating her journey to safety and empowerment was particularly challenging. English was her second language providing an additional challenge that others in her situation may not have.

Despite facing many obstacles, Maria approached her new life with unwavering determination. She immediately set out to connect with her new community, eager to rebuild her life and provide a safe and stable environment for herself and her children. With the support of her dedicated case manager at Sojourner Center, Maria wasted no time in taking crucial steps toward rebuilding her life.

One of Maria’s first accomplishments was securing employment, a significant milestone on her path to independence. Additionally, she enrolled her children in an after-school program, ensuring they had a supportive environment to thrive in while she focused on rebuilding their lives. Maria’s commitment to overcoming adversity and creating a better future for herself and her family is a testament to the strength of survivors and the impact of empowerment and support.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault or human trafficking get help today.

*Name changed for privacy


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