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Children & Youth Services
Through Sojourner Center’s onsite Child Development Center (CDC), children under five residing in the shelter receive comprehensive care and early learning opportunities. The CDC program follows the Child Integrated Circle of Care Model and implements the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Key components of the program address the effects of childhood trauma and exposure to family violence. The CDC also provides parenting classes and supports the development of resiliency skills.  

Every child enrolled in the CDC is assessed using the developmental screening tool, Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3). This tool allows teachers and parents to evaluate a child’s progress through developmental milestones and determine important next steps in a learning plan.

Through the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, children are encouraged to create their own learning experiences in a supportive, enriching environment. The self-guided curriculum encourages students to explore the principles of respect, responsibility and community. Teachers recognize various means of communication, and document students’ thoughts and experiences throughout the learning process. This child-led approach allows children to safely explore their environments while qualified teachers foster academic readiness. Learning experiences align to Arizona’s Infant and Toddler Developmental Guidelines and Arizona Early Learning Standards.

The CDC has received the National Early Childhood Accreditation and is ranked as a four-star Quality First program by Arizona Department of Health Services.

The CDC partners with community agencies to maximize the quality of care provided:

  • Gabriel’s Angels: Provides bi-weekly pet therapy
  • Free Arts of Arizona: Provides weekly art therapy for preschoolers
  • Quality First Coaches: The Inclusion Coach provides support to teachers of students with special needs. The Smart Support Coach provides support to teachers of children suffering from mental illness and trauma.
  • BASICS: Provides free yearly hearing and vision screenings

For More Information, Please Contact:
Briana Sponsler
Assistant Director of Children & Youth Programs

“I choose to work at Sojourner Center because I am passionate about making sure children have a voice and safe environment to grow up in with all educational opportunities that any child deserves.”