a woman holding a baby

Lexi, one a year old, arrived with her mother, who sought refuge from a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship.
As we welcomed Lexi into our care, we discovered that she faced developmental challenges. Additionally, her premature birth caused physical issues that further complicated her situation. However, our dedicated team at the Child Development Center (CDC) was prepared to provide the support she needed.

Our compassionate team immediately focused on providing Lexi with enriching environments that promoted curiosity and exploration. Through collaboration with Lexi’s mother, we implemented a plan to nurture Lexi’s growth. In just one month we witnessed a remarkable transformation – Lexi learned to lift herself up and take her first steps.

The safety and stability provided by our program gave Lexi a secure space to learn, grow and catch up to her peers. With each passing month, we set and achieved new goals and celebrated Lexi’s progress along the way.

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