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What Sojourner Center Does
Sojourner Center is a domestic violence service organization. Sojourner Center provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, domestic violence education, safety planning, lay-legal advocacy, case management, a child development center, 24-hour crisis hotline, referral services, community education and healthcare through an on-site clinic. Working with its partners, Sojourner Center is making a difference:
  • We help nearly 10,000 individuals in the community each year
  • We have over 1,000 individuals in residence (crisis and shelter) per year; of these, nearly 50% are children, with 48% of those children being aged 5 and under
  • We provided safe shelter to 65 pets in the Pet Companion Shelter, including dogs, cats, a bird, turtles and a goat.

Beyond shelter, Sojourner Center’s services focus on the most powerful ways of eradicating domestic violence while working to serve those directly impacted by it. Our care continuum reaches all corners of our diverse communities through:

  1. Direct services to victims and survivors, with an emphasis on services to:
  • Help women become self-sufficient and make decisions that foster healthy, violence-free relationships.
  • Protect children’s health and prioritize their right to get a quality education.
  • Understand, screen, treat and research traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and mental health.
  • Enhance culturally sensitive modalities to more effectively reach disenfranchised communities.
  • Ensure safe shelter for abused pets owned by pet parents impacted by domestic violence.
  • Provide shelter to locally- and nationally-referred victims of human trafficking.
  1. Education and prevention efforts aimed at youth and the community, including:
  • Achieving early intervention, to repair the impact that trauma of domestic violence has on children.
  • Developing outcomes-based awareness and education models to help prevent domestic violence in our communities.
  1. Advocacy, policy, research and leadership on ending domestic violence, focused on securing the support of policymakers and engaging community leaders, with an emphasis on:
  • Engagement of all community stakeholders, to make sure the voices of victims will be heard by decision-makers.
  • Influencing policy through thought leadership on domestic violence-related issues.
  • Sponsoring and disseminating original research through our Sojourner Center Institute, which brings together researchers, practitioners and students who are dedicated to bridging the gaps in the field of domestic violence.
  • Convening research symposiums that bringing together a diverse multi-disciplinary group of experts to help catalyze a broader vision for the domestic violence field.

“Most women arrive at Sojourner Center with no more than a plastic bag of belongings. They leave with a sense of hope.”