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Facts About Domestic Violence
Worldwide, one in three women are affected by domestic violence. Domestic violence does not discriminate. It affects everyone in every community.

Domestic Violence Facts

Unfortunately domestic violence remains prevalent in Arizona:

  • 123 reported domestic violence-related deaths in 2013
  • Arizona ranks 4th nationally in the female domestic violence homicide rate
  • Arizona ranks 8th nationally for the numbers of calls to the National Domestic Violence Hotline; 41% of those calls are from Phoenix
  • The Phoenix Police Department reported receiving 50,000 domestic violence calls in 2013
  • The Phoenix Police Department conservatively estimates that an additional 40,000 domestic violence incidents go unreported each year

We All Have a Role in Domestic Violence

More than half of all Americans over 15 know a victim of domestic violence. Nonetheless, 67% have never talked about domestic violence with friends. Even if you have never been directly affected by domestic violence, it is an issue that has a ripple effect in your community. To end domestic violence, we need to open dialogue in our communities. Here are a few ways you can start the conversation:

  • Cultivate a respectful attitude towards everyone. Avoid behaviors that demean or control other people.
  • Model a non-violent and respectful way to resolve conflicts. When you are angry with someone, respond without hurting or humiliating them.
  • When someone jokes about domestic violence, speak up. Talk to your friends or coworkers when they belittle others, make jokes about violence, or ignore an abuse victim.
  • Advocate for laws and programs that protect victims and survivors. One thing we can all do is urge our government officials to create and support programs that protect domestic violence victims and survivors. Websites like this one below have updates and information on current legislation or issues involved with Domestic Violence. Stay informed and contact your national and local government officials when you can.

Debunk Common Myths About Domestic Violence

There is a lot of misinformation out there, stay informed and educate other people when they make false assumptions about domestic violence.

  • Myth: Domestic violence only affects people from certain races or socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Truth: Domestic violence occurs at all levels of our society regardless of social, economic, cultural or racial background. Studies show that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will be victims of domestic violence in their lifetime. This is an issue that affects all of us and requires all of us to speak out and act.
  • Myth: Victims of domestic violence have provoked the abuse or brought it on themselves.
  • Truth: The abuse victims experience is not their fault but the conscious choice of their abuser to exert power and control over them. No one deserves to experience violence and the abuse is never the victim’s fault.
  • Myth: Domestic violence occurs because an abuser has lost control due to alcohol, drugs, or other stressors.
  • Truth: Violence is a learned and chosen behavior and done to control and manipulate the victim. Though alcohol or drugs may sometimes escalate the violence, the abuser is making a conscious choice to exert power and control over their victim.

“While the battle to respond to the needs of these lives is great, even greater is the effect we all have when we can collaborate with amazing groups like the Sojourner Center. Our community is greater equipped with Sojourner Center providing such critical services to people in need.”